How To Be Successful in 2012

Have you determined yet what will be the deciding factor in whether or not you will be successful in the year 2012?  As goals are set for the new year, some examples would be If I get 100 new clients this year I will be successful”, or “If I increase my income by $10,000.00 I will have a successful  year”.  Of course, these are worthy goals.  But as I look at people whom I believe to be successful, it appears that they have something more that just goals.  They have passion.  They have an inner “drive” that makes them keep going, keep working, keep going until they get where they want to go.

I’m thinking of Henry Ford.  What was his driving force (no pun intended) behind his work?  Was it for the money?  Was it for fame?  Was it to prove something to the world?

As I look forward into the new year of 2012, one of my “goals” is to change my perspective and motivation.  I think perhaps when we work toward making the world better and our drive is truly help others, we become successful in spite of ourselves.  I’ll let you know in December.  In the meantime, my challenge to myself is to work at helping people live a better life by having the insurance coverage they need to protect their families.  Anyone want to join me?

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