Is there Hope for Agents during Healthcare Reform?

With the new healthcare reform, many of our agents, especially health agents, are in need of new products and ways to continue their business.  We are looking at many new products and ways to help them do just that.

Yes, things are changing in the healthcare industry.  But insurance is, and will continue to be, about helping people protect themselves and their families.  There are many ways in which to do that.  Supplemental healthcare plans, long term care plans, living benefits, and one that is growing fast is identity theft protection.

 We are ramping up our connection with Legal Shield and are looking forward to getting this information out to our agents.  Legal Shield doesn’t just help with identity theft alerts, it helps with the entire restoration of someone’s credit should the unthinkable happen.  Here’s a link for more information:

 We have an innovative product available for your clients in the health insurance arena as well.  Check out our new Telemedicine product at and see if it’s right for YOUR clients.

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 In this economy, it’s not uncommon for our agents to hear their clients or perspective clients saying they can’t afford insurance.  Unfortunately, the truth is that they can’t afford to NOT have insurance.  But how do you convince them of that?    Listen to these stories!

 We also have a very effective tool that we call The CFO Tool that you can use to help your clients learn to write insurance into their budget.  Check out The CFO Tool product at

 With the uncertain future of healthcare and given the economy today, it’s difficult to sell products that most people think they don’t need.  It is your job as an agent or broker, to teach them the truth.  The truth is this:  They need insurance more today than ever before!  Here are some ways in which you can teach YOUR clients:

  1.  Use the Q & A approach with prospective clients – Ask questions to find out where they are, what their attitudes are regarding insurance, and whether they are adequately covered now
  2. Determine the Right Products – Keep the focus.  The focus is not to sell insurance.  The focus is to help people protect themselves and their families.  Once you determine their needs in Step One, determine the right products for their circumstances.
  3. Help them afford the right coverage – Become their teacher and show them ways to afford the right coverage.  Develop a relationship with them and become their advocate, teaching them how to afford the coverage they need now, and for their future.

 Being an insurance agent is more about service than product.  When you learn that, you will also learn that healthcare reform won’t have a negative impact on your business, but a positive one.  You will be the teacher, you will have the latest knowledge on the laws concerning healthcare reform, and your clients will come to you for direction.

 Is there Hope for Agents during Healthcare Reform?  Absolutely; as long as they work toward being a problem solver and not just an insurance salesperson!

 Jim Ashley



Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Insurance is one of those things that you hate to think about.  It’s not something you want to spend your time doing at all, especially on your day off when you have so many other things tugging at you.  I get that.  I understand that.  I am even guilty of DOING that!  My wife and I needed to purchase more life insurance on her since she has changed careers. I just kept putting it off and putting it off.  Then I saw this video.  I didn’t let her leave the house until we had the paperwork filled out and ready to send in.  Watch this.  You’ll understand what I mean.

Selling Insurance isn’t Just About Making Money – It’s About Helping People

As an Independent Insurance Agent do you ever hear “I can’t afford it?”  Most people have two reasons for not having the insurance they need to protect them and their families.  It’s either because they put it off and think they have plenty of time to get it done, or because they think they can’t afford it.  And from experience if they THINK they can’t afford it, they probably can’t, so it’s the first thing they drop when things get tight.

So teach them how to afford the insurance they need.   You don’t have to be a financial planner, just guide them on how to set aside money for the insurance they need.

When my wife and I first got married, the only thing we ever fought about was money.  You see, she pays all the bills, both personal and for our business.  She was in a constant state of frustration because of our finances.  She knew there had to be a better way so she designed what we call The CFO Tool.  We’ve used it for about four years now and we no longer fight about money.  We simply don’t make any financial decisions without looking at the tool.  You can find out more information about The CFO Tool at her website: but the bottom line is that we incorporated the amount of insurance we need into The CFO Tool.  We make it part of our spending plan.

Selling insurance is not just about making money.  It’s about helping people.  It’s about helping individuals and families afford the coverage they need when tragedy strikes.  It’s about helping them gain the peace of mind that comes when they know if something bad should happen, they and their family are protected.  So help yourself by helping your clients.  Show them how to make purchasing insurance a part of their spending plan.  Everything in life is about perspective.  Do your clients (prospective clients) think you’re trying to sell them insurance and make money off of them, or do they know you care enough about them to sell them the coverage they need?

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