Passion, Learning, and Social Media have mentioned before that I don’t like change.  I am starting to realize however, that change usually involves learning of some sort.  And learning is a GOOD thing.  My wife loves to learn new things.  She says it keeps her from being bored.   I ran across a quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo that says “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”   I think perhaps that’s a good attitude to adopt when you are in business, and especially if you are the owner of a business.  Learning IS a good thing, and it keeps you moving, keeps you motivated, keeps you working toward the goal.

I am not an expert on Social Media yet, but I’m at least working on it.  I have even taken the next step and actually contacted one of my connections on LinkedIn and have started a business relationship with him that I think will be beneficial to me as well as my agents.  Maybe this Social Media thing will work even for me; someone who doesn’t like change.

If you’re having difficulty getting started, give us a call.  We’ll help however we can.



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