Chrsitmas Surprise

Chrsitmas Surprise.


Christmas “To Do” List

My wife and I did something different last night.  We drove to the Kokomo area (Sharpsville to be exact) to a light show.  I’m not much for surprises and she didn’t want to tell me where we were going, so she said “Will you trust me and go on an adventure with me?”  I was pleasantly surprised!  It was over an hour away and it was dark and drizzling rain but we enjoyed our time in the car just talking and enjoying the lights along the way.  Of course, the ones we saw on the way back were a bit of a let-down after the show.  Here’s a link.  If you’re in the Kokomo area, check it out.  It’s free, (they accept donations) you stay in your car, and it’s quite entertaining.  Thanks to “Santa” (who is there to welcome everyone) and all who work to put that together.  It was  a nice evening.


I found a great article on success.  Check it out.  The Tebow Example | LifeHealthPro (via @LifeHealthPro)

Here’s a way of using cash value life i

Here’s a way of using cash value life insurance to accumulate money that can be taken out tax free for retirement or other uses. you selling MFL.pdf

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer.

Wealth Transfer

I found a great article on Wealth Transfer.  Check it out

Legacy Estate Maximizer

When my mother passed away a few years ago, she had been living on a very small fixed income.  She didn’t have an “estate” so closing out her affairs was pretty easy.   But there are many people who would like to leave something behind for their kids when they pass away.  The Legacy Estate Maximizer allows them to do that.  If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this link:

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