Jim’s Blog Update – http://ow.ly/s1MVP

Jim’s Blog Update – http://ow.ly/s1MVP


Helping you get started on a great 2014

This has been a busy time of year for us here at Harbor Insurance Marketing. We have been very busy working on getting new products and services ready for you, our agents, to start the New Year off right. If you’re not yet an agent with us, it’s not too late! We are always accepting new agents.

Currently we are seeking three people to come on board and help us get going with one of our newer products. We understand that most you who sell health insurance will have significant changes in how your business will profit due to Obamacare. We believe we have a product that is just the thing to bridge the gap in your product line and keep you from losing income. It’s a great door opener for other products as well, such as Life Insurance.
Our 15 minute webinar will give you enough information to see what it’s all about and decide if it’s the right product for your independent business. You don’t have be a licensed insurance agent to sell it so if you have agents within your business that haven’t received their licensing, they can begin producing for you while they are completing the licensing process. This product keeps up with our ever changing environment and is fast becoming THE business of the future! Contact me for more information about this great new, and important product at jashley@harborins.com or call me toll free at 1-866-424-2167.

For those of you who do group, we have some new products that can help out your smaller businesses. I would love to speak to you about two options that can help both the business and you, the agent!

As always, our goal is to be the Agent’s Agency that offers the best and timely products at affordable cost to your clients while paying the highest commissions to you. You will find Strategies – Solutions – Support with us!

We want to take this opportunity to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” as we look forward to a prosperous and opportunity-filled year in 2014.


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