Wishing everyone a very Happy and safe N

Wishing everyone a very Happy and safe New Year! See ya in 2012!


Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Insurance is one of those things that you hate to think about.  It’s not something you want to spend your time doing at all, especially on your day off when you have so many other things tugging at you.  I get that.  I understand that.  I am even guilty of DOING that!  My wife and I needed to purchase more life insurance on her since she has changed careers. I just kept putting it off and putting it off.  Then I saw this video.  I didn’t let her leave the house until we had the paperwork filled out and ready to send in.  Watch this.  You’ll understand what I mean.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy_qShN7kGA&feature=share

Social Media Strategy for 2012 – 7 Things to Consider

Social Media Strategy for 2012 – 7 Things to Consider.

Great article for insurance agents and s

Great article for insurance agents and small business owners – http://ow.ly/8d51C

Passion, Learning, and Social Media http

Passion, Learning, and Social Media https://jeashley.wordpress.com

Passion, Learning, and Social Media

http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/hub.1324331373.htmlI have mentioned before that I don’t like change.  I am starting to realize however, that change usually involves learning of some sort.  And learning is a GOOD thing.  My wife loves to learn new things.  She says it keeps her from being bored.   I ran across a quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo that says “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”   I think perhaps that’s a good attitude to adopt when you are in business, and especially if you are the owner of a business.  Learning IS a good thing, and it keeps you moving, keeps you motivated, keeps you working toward the goal.

I am not an expert on Social Media yet, but I’m at least working on it.  I have even taken the next step and actually contacted one of my connections on LinkedIn and have started a business relationship with him that I think will be beneficial to me as well as my agents.  Maybe this Social Media thing will work even for me; someone who doesn’t like change.

If you’re having difficulty getting started, give us a call.  We’ll help however we can.  www.harborins.com



As an independent insurance agent do you

As an independent insurance agent do you ever get the “I can’t afford it” answer? http://ow.ly/8aWLr

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